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Pele Salt

Pele Salt

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Pele Salt

Spicy Hawaiian Seasoned Salt

This spicy salt will add heat and flavor to your favorite dishes!

In Hawaiian culture, Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire! Legend holds that she resides in one of the most active volcanos in the world, Kilauea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kilauea erupts today with passion and heat, leading to new lands and new adventures. Our Pele Salt will do the same!

We Love it For

  • Adding hot, hot heat!
  • Not for those who don't like spicy foods.
  • Add to your margarita, poke, or substitute for plain salt to add heat.


About Pele Salt

Now, you can bring that same fire and heat to your next meal! This blend of both red Alaea and black Hawaiian sea salts with red chiles is sure to add color and kick to your plate. Sprinkle on your favorite foods before cooking or as a finishing salt to add a kick of heat at the end. Be ready, it's hot!

Heat Level: 5/5


Red alaea sea salt, sea salt, activated charcoal, cayenne pepper

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Made in Hawaii with local and imported ingredients.

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