Frequently Asked Questions

 Where can I find you?

A collection of our products are sold from various shops on Oahu. See the complete list here. You can also find our complete collection at various pop ups across the island throughout the year. See our calendar here for our next show!



Where do your salts come from?


All of our sea salts come from the Hawaiian island of Molokai. You can be assured you are receiving a true, and authentic Hawaiian product.

Many competitors will say their salts are Hawaiian salts, however, they may procure their salt from California saying it "touches" Hawaii.



Are your products gluten free or vegan?



Can you ship to an APO?

Yes! We are more than happy to ship to any APO or similar addresses. We highly value the service of the US military and don't want them to miss out on anything from home when they are oversees. Check out our recipe blog, www.FeastandFlight.com for more information about our commitment to the military. 



Are you really located in Hawaii?

Yes! MarnaMaria Spices & Herbs began in Paris, France by an American working in the French food and wine industry. As time went on, a move back to the US was an exciting opportunity and Hawaii was the landing point!