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The Kailua Seasoning Company is an online spice shop and brick and mortar spice company. We provide high quality ingredients and unique seasoning blends for any and every palate!

Our Story

Kailua is a small, beach town on the Hawaiian island of O`ahu. This area was once home to cattle and its waters have been a life source for years and years. The area has grown and changed since those days but the spirit of community amongst its residents is still strong. As anyone will tell you, the spirit of Kailua is rooted in family, tradition, and community. We have worked hard to reflect these values in our company, and it can be seen in the strong sense of “local” you find in each of our products.

My father’s family has been in Kailua since before it was a state. They had a strong sense of adventure for the world and were always looking to see what different corners of the globe had to offer. But one trip to Hawaii and they knew there was no place quite like it. The stories my family hold of Kailua are the ones that we often see in magazines or historical books, and they were my reality. The beaches, the food, their friends, Hawaiian music, the trade winds, wrapping it all together, it all translated to a deep appreciation and love for Kailua. We were raised with a strong respect and care for the community around us, as well as a desire to preserve it for generations to come.

My mother’s family always placed a strong emphasis on family and food. They always cooked “a little bit extra” just in case an auntie, uncle, or friend popped by unexpectedly, which was often the case. Her family didn’t have much, but was taught to use what was around them and to always share what you had with those around you.

The Kailua Seasoning Company was started to encourage the sharing of the local Kailua spirit through food and our blends and salts have been inspired by that same notion. Kailua is just a small part of a larger picture of the Hawaiian Islands. From the sea to the land, there’s no better way to bring people together than over a meal shared together.  

Our sea salts come from a small producer on Molokai, which since ancient times, has been the center of salt production in the Hawaiian Islands. Each salt has its own story and connection to Hawaii, be it through kiawe wood from the mountain, clay from the earth, or coconuts from the beach. All of our seasoning blends have been inspired by the local community. Friends asking for a blend to make a quick stir fry or an everything seasoning that makes everything taste like home. They represent and complement the land, sea, flavors, and tastes of the islands and those who live here.

Today, my husband and I are excited to share all our culture and traditions with the greater community through our love for quality ingredients and good food. His Hawaiian and Japanese heritage mix with my Hispanic and European. We love to eat everything, we love to cook everything, and we love to share that mindset with those around us. We desire to be salt and light in our community!

Hawaii is our home, we know it well, we are invested here, and want share the Kailua way of life with others. In fact, I grew up in Aikahi Park in Kailua, which translated means, “to eat all”. Meant to be, right? We want to encourage you to try something new, cook something delicious, and make it easy so that you can enjoy the party.

Hawai`i is a melting pot for culture and food. It is our pleasure to give people a taste of Kailua through our sea salts and seasoning blends. We hope that you enjoy the flavors of Hawaii though the Kailua Seasoning Company as much as we do! 


Sean & Brittany Lum

Founders, The Kailua Seasoning Company

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We are proudly women and veteran owned!



Kailua Seasoning Company Founders on Kailua Beach


Our Mission

We hope to bring salt and light to all we meet!

Through the Kailua Seasoning Company, we partner with cooks and non cooks alike on a new gourmet food adventure by providing premium quality purveyed products and ingredients, all inspired by God’s creation, so that family and friends can can cook, eat and enjoy life together!


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