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Ke Ahi Fish

Ke Ahi Fish

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Ke Ahi Fish

Spicy Blackened Hawaiian Fish Rub

(Previously Ahi Fish Sear)

This blackened fish Hawaiian spice mix will add the right amount of kick to any seared fish! A medium heat seasoning, this paprika based seasoning is kicked up with chiles, black peppercorns, as well as some garlic, onion, and some celery for a hit of umami.


We Love it For

  • Seared ahi and other blackened fish recipes.
  • A delicious seasoning for chicken or vegetables as well!
  • Medium spice level that can be enjoyed by most.


About Ke Ahi Fish

Perfect for searing fish, it can be used for so much more. Seasoning any fish or poultry with our Ke Ahi Fish for a delicious, tasty meal with a small kick. 

In Hawaiian, ke ahi means "the fire" and this blend brings delicious taste and hot spice to you in a fish rub. We have combined sweet paprika for flavor with cayenne, chile, and peppers for heat.

In addition to fire, Ahi is also the Hawaiian name for the yellowfin tuna. High grade ahi tuna is often eaten raw or seared rare and our Ke Ahi Fish is the perfect addition when searing fish. Simply rub and sear over high heat, making sure not to cook the fish through. Slice and serve for an incredible appetizer or meal. Ke Ahi Fish is also excellent on any of your favorite fish dishes to add an extra spicy kick!

Heat Level: 2.5/5



 Paprika, cayenne pepper, chile powder, black pepper, coriander, garlic, sea salt, other spices and herbs


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Made in Hawaii with local and imported ingredients.



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