Hawaiian Sea Salt

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Pure Sea Salt from Hawaii

Are you looking for a unique and delicious salt to add to your salt collection? Or perhaps you are looking to up your cooking game with something new and exotic?

Don't be fooled by imposters! Many salt producers claim their salt is, "Made in Hawaii," when it actuality, it is harvested in California, from the Pacific Ocean, claiming the water "touches" Hawaii.

We only source, pure, Hawaiian, sea salt. All harvested, here in the Hawaiian Islands. Our salts and their quality are unmatched! 

Black Hawaiian Salt

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

Our pure Hawaiian Black Salt is a must try. Its beautiful color is bold and perfect for a finishing salt or use when grilling for extra color.

The flavor is similar to that of our pure, white salt but has the added benefit of Hawaiian charcoal. Highly regarded for its cleansing properties.

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Kiawe Smoked Salt

Kiawe Mesquite Wood Smoked Salt from Hawaii

Kiawe wood is Hawaii's version of mesquite wood. If you haven't tried our Kiawe Smoke Salt yet, this is a must try! Our lighter Kiawe smoked salt, this sea salt ahs a smooth and almost sweet flavor is not overpowering and adds an incredible umami to your next dish!

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Supah Smoke

Super Smoky Hawaiian Sea Salt with Kiawe Wood

Looking for intense smoke flavor? Try our Supha Smoke sea salt. Think campfire, wood and ash. Add extra smoke to your next dish, whether cooking on the grill or smoker or in the oven, this Hawaiian salt will be perfect for you!

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Red Alaea Salt

Red Hawaiian Sea Salt Alaea Clay

In Hawaii, salt was traditionally harvested from salt ponds lined with Hawaiian red clay. When the water evaporates, it leaves a beautiful red hue on the salt grains as well as gives the salt a mild flavor. Perfect for fish, pork, and even your next margarita!

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Mai Ke Kai Salt

Pure White Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Green Bamboo Salt

Green Bamboo Salt Tastes Like Green Tea

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Pink Akala Salt

Pink Akala Hawaiian Sea Salt

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