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Kailua Seasoning Company

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Black Hawaiian Salt

Charcoal Hawaiian Sea Salt from Molokai

Our Hawaiian Black Salt is a delicious and beautiful Hawaiian find!

Its brilliant shine and deep black color are hard to miss and bring elegance and contrast to your plate. This bold Molokai sea salt gets its color from activated charcoal, derived from coconut shell, whose benefits include helping to purify and cleanse the body.


We Love It For

  • Beautiful Hawaiian Finishing Salt
  • Introduce additional charcoal to your diet
  • Similar flavor to our pure, white sea salt

About Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

Kailua Seasoning Company's Black Hawaiian Salt has a deep and rich color that brings an added depth to your food. Its taste is similar to sea salt, with no change in aromas or flavors. Perfect for adding color without changing the pure taste of sea salt!

Use our Hawaiian black salt it as a finishing and decorative salt on veggies, soups, eggs, and even desserts. Its color and flavor will surely add an unexpected pop to your next meal.

Don't be fooled by competitors. Our Black Hawaiian Salt is harvested by artisans on the island of Molokai in Hawaii, you can be sure that you are receiving authentic Hawaiian sea salt.


Sea salt, activated charcoal

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