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Supah Smoke

Supah Smoke

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Supah Smoke

Super Smoky Hawaiian Kiawe Salt

Looking for a super smoky salt? You have got to try our Supah Smoke Hawaiian Sea Salt. Think flavors of campfire, wood, and ash.

We Love it For

  • A very smoky salt, for those who love smoke flavor
  • Great for grilling or use in the oven to replace outdoor wood smoke
  • Season meat, fish, vegetables, and more!

About Supah Smoke

Our Supah Smoke is distinctly different from the sweet and smooth smoke flavors of our lighter Kiawe Smoked Salt. Both delicious but wildly different.

Harvested and smoked on the Hawaiian island of Molokai, this unique and rare salt is a must have for the salt connoisseur.


Kiawe smoked sea salt

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Made in Hawaii with local ingredients.

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