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MarnaMaria Spices and Herbs

Pickling Spice

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MarnaMaria Spices & Herbs

Pickling Spice

Spice Blend for Pickling

We've all experienced it. You make and incredible dinner but something is missing. Your dish needs that extra kick, that extra pop, but what is it? Acidity. When you don't know what is missing, adding a touch of acid an do the trick! We love our Pickling Spice to do just that. We combine mustard, dill, coriander, bay leaves, cinnamon, red pepper, ginger, black pepper, and turmeric, to bring the perfect balance of herbs and spices to your pickling brine!

Pickling is simple and the rewards are great! Just combine your favorite vegetables or whatever is in season in a large mason jar. Add brine and Pickling Spice, let the mixture sit for a couple of hours and voila! Add pickled vegetables as a garnish, a topping or even as a main component such as in Korean Bibimbap.

Packing Sizes and Dimensions

Sample Envelope (1/4 cup) - 25 grams / 0.88 oz.

Signature Glass Jar (1/2 cup) - 48 grams / 1.69 oz.

Stand Up Pouch (3/4 cup) - 74 grams / 2.61 oz.

Bulk Bag (2 cups) - 200 grams / 7.05 oz.

Bulk Bag (4 cups) - 400 grams / 14.11 oz.


Bay leaves, allspice berries, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, pepper, ginger, and other spices and herbs

Made in Hawaii with domestic and imported ingredients