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MarnaMaria Spices and Herbs



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MarnaMaria Spices and Herbs

Dried Parsley

Pure and Earthy Flavor

Delicate flavor from the Mediterranean

Use to in your favorite sauce or to garnish a finished dish!

Parsley is a species of plant native to the Mediterranean region. It can be considered a vegetable or an herb. There are two common types of parsley, French also known as curly parsley, or Italian also known as flat leaf parsley.

Parsley is used throughout the world as a garnish but also has a delicious flavor. It is terrific with potatoes, in soups, and in salads. It can also be a main ingredient for many sauces such as chimichurri ( , Italian salsa verde, or gremolata.

Packing Sizes and Dimensions

Glass Jar (1/2 cup)- 8 grams / 0.28 oz.

Stand Up Pouch (3/4 cup) - 12 grams / 0.42 oz.

Bulk Bag (2 cups) - 32 grams / 1.13 oz.

Bulk Bag (4 cups) - 64 grams / 2.26 oz.



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Made in Hawaii with imported ingredients.
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