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Olive Wood Salt Scoop 2.75” approx

Olive Wood Salt Scoop 2.75” approx

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MarnaMaria Spices & Herbs ' Olive Wood Collection

Olive Wood Mini Scoop

This mini scoop is that tiny scoop that you have been looking for! It is one of our most popular items!

Our Olive Wood Mini Scoop is pefect for small bowls and is the perfect match for our olive wood salt cellars. Use this scoop for salts, herbs, peppers and more!

This lovely olive wood salt scoop or sugar scoop is a must for any kitchen. Great to keep in your salt or sugar pot so you always have it to hand when you need it. Hand-carved out of a single piece of olive wood it is unique and beautifully patterned. Please note that as this product is hand-made by artisans each scoop can vary slightly in shape and size.

Each piece of olive wood is unique and individual, adding to its character! It's beautiful grain and stunning color combined with its natural wood hardness make it a perfect and ideal cooking utensil. Olive wood is heat resistant, won't stain, and won't damange a non-stick pan. Each spoon is carved from a single piece of wood making it stronger and more durable.

Our spoons will last for years and are a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Be sure to check our our other Olive Wood utensils, as well as our complete Olive Wood product line!

How to Care for Olive Wood

*Hand wash only

*Occasionally coat with olive oil or mineral oil to preserve wood

*Do not allow to soak in water for extended periods of time


Mini Spoon: 2"

More Information

All of our Olive Wood products are ethically sourced and naturally treated.

Hand crafted in the Mediterranean.


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