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MarnaMaria Spices and Herbs

Mediterranean Oregano

Mediterranean Oregano

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MarnaMaria Spices and Herbs

Mediterranean Oregano

Delicious Herb with Hint of Mint

From the Mountains of the Mediterranean

Season pastas, sauces, poultry, meats, and more!

Oregano literally means "joy of the mountain" in Greek and our MarnaMaria oregano is sourced just as the name suggests, from the mountains of Mediterranean. Oregano is generally found in Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines, however this versatile herb can be added to just about anything to boost flavor.

We recommend using it to season meat, chicken, pasta, or vegetable dishes. Mix with olive oil and lemon to make a savory marinade or sprinkle over feta cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes for an authentic Greek salad.

Packing Sizes and Dimensions

Glass Jar (1/2 cup) - 17 grams / 0.60 oz.

Stand Up Pouch (3/4 cup) - 27 grams / 0.95 oz.

Bulk Bag (2 cups) - 72 grams / 2.54 oz.

Bulk Bag (4 cups) - 144 grams / 5.08 oz.


Mediterranean Oregano

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Made in Hawaii with imported ingredients.

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