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MarnaMaria Spices and Herbs

Chile Pepper Flakes

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MarnaMaria Spices and Herbs

Chile Pepper Flakes

Spicy Flavorful Taste

Dried and Flaked Chiles from Hot Peppers

Use in pasta, on meat, or as a key ingredient in chile crisp!

Red chile flakes are more than an afterthought topping for pizza. They are tiny, flavor packed bites of spice that are incredible for adding a quick kick. Sprinkle Red Chile Flakes where you are looking to add a little bit of heat. Pasta dishes, sauces, on meat, vegetables, when making chile oil or even with pickles!

Packing Sizes and Dimensions

Glass Jar (1/2 cup) - 32 grams / 1.13 oz.

Stand Up Pouch (3/4 cup) - 51 grams / 1.76 oz.

Bulk Bag (2 cups) - 180 grams / 6.35 oz.

Bulk Bag (4 cups) - 360 grams / 12.70 oz.


Red Chile Peppers

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Made in Hawaii with imported ingredients